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    • A Stirling Approach to the Central Limit Theorem (CLT) 

      Kerchner, Robert; Roach, Bill (Washburn University. School of Business, 2007-01-1)
      Many applied statistics courses do not review a proof of the Central Limit Theorem; they rely on simulations like Galton's Quincunx, and/or sampling distributions to acquaint the students with the Bell Curve. the Bell Curve ...
    • Underpricing, Tie-Ins, and the IPO Bubble: Some Empirical Evidence 

      Kwak, Sungkyu; Walker, Rosemary; Kerchner, Robert; Hull, Robert M. (Washburn University. School of Business, 2005-01-1)
      We analyze underpricing in the United States surrounding the time of the collapse of the IPO market in the last quarter of 2000. During this quarter, the press gave insider accounts about how profits (from extreme underpricing) ...