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    • Coaching Decisions Influence Over Potential Overtime Games in the NFL 

      Walker, Rosemary
      In the National Football League, it is important for a coach to use all information available when deciding, during the game, whether to attempt to win a game during regulation or to play for overtime. An incorrect decision ...
    • Corporate Governance Business Ethics And Individual Responsibility 

      Haines, James; Martin, James
      Ethical behavior in business is not an accident. it requires vigilance, constant emphasis, and leadership, particularly in the case of shareholder owned, publicly traded companies. This paper systematically provides a ...
    • Less-Than-Rational Decision-Making In Organizations 

      Florea, Liviu
      This study challenges the assumption that people in organizational contexts make entirely rational decisions. Based on empirical research that analyzes how interviewers make selection decisions during and after employment ...