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    • The Potent Role of Personality in Structured Behavioral Interviews: An Experimental Field Study 

      Valcea, Sorin; Hamdani, Maria R. (Washburn University. School of Business, 2014-03-1)
      This study is an attempt to explore the method-related variance in patterned behavior description interviews. Patterned behavior interviews are based upon the premise that a pattern of past behaviors is an effective predictor ...
    • The Role of Personality in Employee Developmental Networks 

      Florea, Liviu; Cheung, Yu Ha; Dougherty, Thomas W. (Washburn University. School of Business, 2007-08-1)
      PURPOSE: To integrate scholarship on personality, mentoring, developmental relationships, and social networks in delineating how employees with particular personality characteristics are more or less likely to be involved ...