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    An analysis of the physical therapist assistant education and the implications degree progression would have on existing programs in Kansas
    (Washburn University) Gower, Michelle Lynn
    The field of physical therapy has seen significant change over the years with the continuously evolving health care system. The increase in knowledge and responsibilities required by physical therapists has led to the progression of education requirements to a doctoral degree for entry-level practice. Physical therapist assistants have not seen a similar elevation in education, and degree requirements remain at the associate level. Limitations on the PTA program length hinder the addition of informational material. Many program directors feel the current time constraints create a challenge to complete the education standards. Progressing educational requirements to a baccalaureate level may be challenging with many of the current programs located in community colleges. A discussion on the community college baccalaureate degree and articulation agreements will serve as a potential solution to facilitate degree progression. An analysis of the current PTA program curriculum at Washburn University will lead to recommendations for curricular expansion for degree progression. Utilizing the respiratory therapy program as a model for the transition of degree requirements from an associate's degree to a baccalaureate, recommendations will be made to guide the conversion of the PTA program to the baccalaureate level. Reviewing the course work requirements in DPT education will serve as a guide to enhance the foundational knowledge delivered in PTA education.
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    Engaging Students
    Learning what takes place outside the traditional classroom via co-curricular experiences is vital to the holistic Washburn University experience. There are numerous opportunities for students to complement their formal educational experiences including: employment, attending conferences, gaining certifications, and holding leadership positions in student organizations. SRWC Professional Development Scholarships assist Washburn students whose interests match the mission of the SRWC: To provide awareness, education, opportunity, and support resulting in enduring healthy lifestyle habits. Scholarship recipients summarize their experience through the lens of the Student Life Learning Outcomes.
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    Engaging Faculty in Assessment
    The Mathematics and Statistics Department revised their Program Student Learning Outcomes (PSLOs) through the collaborative effort of all tenured and tenure-track Departmental faculty. During the revision process, the faculty agreed on an Assessment Plan that included specified assessment methods for each of the courses in the major.
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    General Education Course-Embedded University Student Learning Outcomes
    Carter, Kayla
    Results of the assessment of all five University Student Learning Outcomes in General Education courses (Critical & creative thinking, Communication, Global Citizenship, Ethics & Diversity, Information Literacy and Technology, and Quantitative & Scientific Reasoning.
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    The Summative Porfolio
    In order to assess the achievements of students in our department, Modern Languages requires our French, German, or Spanish majors to maintain and submit at regular intervals a portfolio which addresses the course work the student pursues in completion of the major. However, at present, sometimes we have portfolios with no audiovisual material that allow us to properly evaluate the oral skills of the students. Modern Languages plans to move to a more selective portfolio which will include an oral defense of the portfolio. This new approach will allow us to simplify the process and guarantee we can have an oral assessment for each student at graduation.