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    • Lanham Trademark Act and the Internet: Cybersquatting, Meta Tagging, Hyperlinking, and Framing 

      Siehndel, Ray D.; Wunder, Gene C. (Washburn University. School of Business, 2003-12-1)
      The Lanham Act was signed into law in 1946, serves as the federal trademark law in the United States. Congress has amended the Lanham Act nearly twenty times as society and technology has evolved. A brief review of recent ...
    • Late Ordovician Geographic Patterns of Extinction 

      Thomas, Brian C. and Melott, Adrian L.
      Based on the intensity and rates of various kinds of intense ionizing radiation events such as supernovae and gamma-ray bursts, it is likely that the Earth has been subjected to one or more events of potential mass extinction ...
    • Less-Than-Rational Decision-Making in Organizations 

      Florea, Liviu (Washburn University. School of Business, 2007-08-1)
      This study challenges the assumption that people in organizational contexts make entirely rational decisions. Based on empirical research that analyzes how interviewers make selection decisions during and after employment ...
    • Leverage Borrowing Rates, Tax Rates And Growth Rates 

      Hull, Robert M. (Washburn University. School of Business, 2005-12-1)
      This paper extensively broadens the perpetuity gain to leverage (GL) equations of Modigliani and Miller (1963) and Miller (1977) by developing a capital structure model (CSM) that contains a series of perpetuity GL equations ...
    • Looking at the Economics Order Quantity Model Using the Mathematics of Conic Section 

      Roach, Bill (Washburn University. School of Business, 2003-11-1)
      This paper uses the mathematics of conic sections to develop measures of the pointedness of the EOQ total cost function.
    • A Lookup Table To Compute High Energy Cosmic Ray Effects on Terrestrial Atmospheric Chemistry 

      Thomas, Brian C., Melott, Adrian L., Atri, Dimitra, and Krejci, Alex J.
      A variety of events such as gamma-ray and supernovae may expose the Earth to an increased flux of high-energy cosmic rays, with potentially important effects on the biosphere. Existing atmospheric chemistry software does ...
    • Making a Case for Employment Law as a Core Requirement in the Undergraduate HR Curriculum 

      Crumpacker, Jill M.; Crumpacker, Martha (Washburn University. School of Business, 2005-09-1)
      Surveys of senior HR-practitioners, academicians, and students consistently agree that individuals seeking to enter the HR profession should be knowledgeable in employment law. Most university HR programs, however, do not ...
    • May Company, Inc.: Examining the Outcomes of Corporate Strategic Change Applying an Expanded DuPont Model 

      Hull, Robert M.; Ockree, Kanalis (Washburn University. School of Business, 2004-12-1)
      This case employs a model for conceptualizing and analyzing the financial statement impact resulting from major corporate structural changes in the form of divestiture of an operating segment. The corporate case included ...
    • Measuring Alpha-Based Performance: Implications for Alpha-Focused Structured Products 

      Weigand, Robert A.; Gorman, Larry R. (Washburn University. School of Business, 2008-02-1)
      We propose that the muted demand for investment innovations such as Portable Alpha arise, at least in part, from a lack of clarity and transparency regarding the way alpha is defined and measured. We show that the profession ...
    • Medtronic PLC and Corporate Tax Inversions 

      Martin, James A.; Shelton, Monica (Washburn University. School of Business, 2016-08-1)
      This case deals with the very topical subject of tax inversions. In the case, students are initially introduced to the concept of the tax inversion, the process by which a U.S. company reincorporates in another country, ...
    • A Model for Review of Ethics Instruction 

      Sollars, David; Ockree, Kanalis; Haines, James (Washburn University. School of Business, 2008-12-1)
      "Assessment of Learning" is a key phrase well known to all quality business schools. This paper presents a detailed description of the processes undertaken by one university's school of business to assess its ethics ...
    • Modeling Atmospheric Effects Of The September 1859 Solar Flare 

      Thomas, Brian C., Jackman, Charles H., and Melott, Adrian L.
      We have modeled atmospheric effects, especially ozone depletion, due to a solar proton event which probably accompanied the extreme magnetic storm of 1-2 September 1859. We use an inferred proton fluence for this event as ...
    • Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership 

      Gleason, Michael ; Carter, David
      The MSL is comprised of over 400 variables, scales, and composite measures representing students’ demographics and pre-college experiences, experiences during college, and key outcome measures. It is adapted from the ...
    • Negotiating Ritual Participation: Experiencing Ritual Gifts as an Outsider 

      Gentry, James W.; McGinnis, Lee (Washburn University. School of Business, 2005-08-1)
      This paper examines how people become participants in a ritual that has historically been dominated by people outside their group. We first demonstrate how participatory golf is a ritual, that there is apprehension when ...
    • Nonprofits and Pass-Throughs: Performance Comparison 

      Van Dalsem, Shane; Hull, Robert M. (Washburn University. School of Business, 2020-11-1)
      Nonprofits (NPs) resemble pass-throughs (PTs) in size. While not profit-seeking like PTs, NPs should still seek to achieve maximum firm value (max VL). Using a historical growth rate of 3.12% and the same risk class, we ...
    • The Operation of Social Capital and Co-Production in Rural Economic Development: The Case of a Kansas Farm Winery 

      Grossbart, Sanford; Pryor, Susie (Washburn University. School of Business, 2007-08-1)
      This paper reports the findings of a study on the operation of social capital and co-production in a rural vineyard in the state of Kansas in the Midwestern United States. Findings suggest that consumers' social networks ...
    • Optimal Target Rating and C Corp Valuation 

      Van Dalsem, Shane; Hull, Robert M. (Washburn University. School of Business, 2019-08-1)
      We use data from Damodaran (2019) as inputs in the Capital Structure Model (CSM) to compute firm value (VL) for debt-for-unlevered equity choices. Because each VL is matched to a debt-to-firm value ratio (DV) and a credit ...
    • Origins of the Economic Order Quantity Formula 

      Roach, Bill (Washburn University. School of Business, 2005-01-1)
      This paper speculates on how the Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) formula was developed. These speculations are interesting and useful for several reasons: 1.) The speculations help scholars understand the creative process ...
    • Overview Critical Thinking - Multiple Sources of Evidence 

      Carter, Kayla
      What the assessment results say . . . What the students say
    • Ozone Abundance In A Nitrogen-Carbon Dioxide Dominated Terrestrial Paleoatmosphere 

      Thomas, Brian C., Melott, Adrian L., Martin, Larry D., and Jackman, Charles H.
      We compute the ozone distribution for a model terrestrial paleoatmosphere in which the present oxygen abundance is largely replaced by carbon dioxide, which we argue is a reasonable working assumption. In principle, the ...