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    • Quantifying The Bull's Eye Effect 

      Thomas, Brian C., Melott, Adrian L., Feldman, Hume A., and Shandarin, Sergei F.
      We have used N-body simulations to develop two independent methods to quantify redshift distortions known as the Bull's Eye effect (large scale infall plus small scale virial motion). This effect depends upon the mass ...
    • R&D Manipulation Around SEOs and SEO Valuations 

      Walker, Rosemary; Kwak, Sungkyu; Hull, Robert M. (Washburn University. School of Business, 2015-06-1)
      Prior research finds T&D reductions around SEOs are linked to insider ownership decreases. This suggests that insiders underinvest in R&D to inflate earnings so as to increase SEO value. We construct a variable that ...
    • Reaching Faculty, Teaching Students 

      Blas, Elise; Weber, Kelley; Wilson, Gwen
      A major challenge for academic librarians is reaching all students at the university (undergraduate and graduate, face-to-face and online). We will show that by collaborating with faculty we have started to meet this ...
    • The Recovery of U.S. Commercial Banking: An Analysis of Revenues, Profits, Dividends, Capital and Value Creation 

      Robert Weigand (Washburn University. School of Business, 2013-09-1)
      This paper reviews the financial performance, risk, changing revenue and asset mix and prospects for future shareholder value creation of the 20 largest commercial banks in the US from 2003-2012. Fifteen of the 20 banks ...
    • The Relative Valuation of U.S. Equities at Bear Market: A Perspective on the Equity Risk Premium 

      Irons, Robert; Weigand, Robert A. (Washburn University. School of Business, 2011-08-1)
      We investigate stock returns, earnings growth, interest rates and the relative valuation of US equities following the 22 major bear market bottoms from 1881-2011. We find that large, sustainable bull market returns are ...
    • Renaissance Learning, Inc. 

      Van Dalsem, Shane (Washburn University. School of Business, 2016-09-1)
      Should Permira Advisers increase its bid for Renaissance Learning, Inc. ("RLRN") in response to an unsolicited counter offer by a competitor, Plato Learning? The founders and majroity stockholders of RLRN, Judi and Terry ...
    • "Repent of the Sins of Homophobia" : The Rise of Queer Mennonite Leaders 

      Goossen, Rachel Waltner (University of California Press, 2021-02-01)
      Across North America, Mennonites are widely regarded to be among the most conservative of Christian groups. But in recent decades, Mennonite understandings of LGBTQ+ identity have transformed faith communities, as the ...
    • A Report on the Development of an Articulation Agreement on the Transfer of Students from the Wuhan University of Science and Technology to the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Degree Program at Washburn University 

      Smith, Russell E.; Boncella, Robert J. (Washburn University. School of Business, 2012-02-1)
      This paper reports on the development and implementation of an articulation agreement as an alternative mechanism to the dual degree or double degree to develop and implement a program to transfer degree-seeking students ...
    • Resistance to ERP: Deep Structure Analysis of ERP-Based Job Roles and ERP Task Interdependence 

      Freeze, Ronald D.; Schmidt, Pamela J. (Washburn University. School of Business, 2017-03-1)
      Resistance to IS interferes with effective use of an integrated collaborative ERP system, especially for new hires. Research into IS Resistance investigates ways to mitigate barriers to effectively utilizing ERP investments. ...
    • Retirement Decision-Making: A Pedagogical Application 

      Hull, Robert M. (Washburn University. School of Business, 2016-12-1)
      This paper offers a pedagogical application on retirement decision-making that focuses on the roth IRA versus a traditional deductible IRA (RVD) allocation choice. This paper's exercise challenges students to study the ...
    • Revising the Assessment Plan: Less is More 

      Human Services
      In 2012 the Human Services Department restructured to include a Master of Arts and the role of Department Assessment Liaison was reassigned. We used this transition as an opportunity to evaluate our assessment plan.
    • Revisiting Entity Choice for Small Business Owners 

      Hyatt, Venita R.; Clevenger, Novella (Washburn University. School of Business, 2003-10-1)
      Recent changes and proposed changes in federal tax laws may affect the important decision about which entity to choose when starting a small business. Reduction in the rate of tax on dividends to 15 percent has lessened ...
    • RFID: Keeping America Safe from Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals 

      Leyell, Teresita; Roach, Bill (Washburn University. School of Business, 2005-12-1)
      This paper looks at the use of a new technology, RFID tags (radio frequency identification) to assure the American public is kept safe from counterfeit pharmaceutical drugs.
    • The Rites of Family Business Succession 

      Garrett, Robert; Clevenger, Thomas (Washburn University. School of Business, 2003-12-1)
      Most family businesses fail to survive the second generation. It is estimated that only 30 percent of family owned businesses survive the transition. Only 13 percent of businesses survive through the third generation. ...
    • The Role of Cross-Sectional Dispersion in Active Portfolio Management 

      Weigand, Robert A.; Sapra, Steven G.; Gorman, Larry R. (Washburn University. School of Business, 2009-07-1)
      We show that relaxing one of modern portfolio theory's standard modeling assumptions--that stock returns are uncorrelated--leads to the result that cross-sectional dispersion replaces time-series volatility in many of the ...
    • The Role of Personality in Employee Developmental Networks 

      Florea, Liviu; Cheung, Yu Ha; Dougherty, Thomas W. (Washburn University. School of Business, 2007-08-1)
      PURPOSE: To integrate scholarship on personality, mentoring, developmental relationships, and social networks in delineating how employees with particular personality characteristics are more or less likely to be involved ...
    • Role of Signaling in Information Warfare 

      Nizovtsev, Dmitri; Cremonini, Marco (Washburn University. School of Business, 2007-11-1)
      This paper examines information warfare between attackers, who try to gain access to information systems, or "targets", and defenders protecting those targets. we develop a game theoretic model in which both defenders and ...
    • Sacrificing Corporate Investment for Stock Repurchases: Are Family Firms Different? 

      Van Dalsem, Shane (Washburn University. School of Business, 2018-09-1)
      Recent changes to the US tax code have increased stock repurchases by US firms. Critics state and existing research provides evidence that firms forego valuable investment to repurchase stock for short-term stock price ...
    • Scotland's Premier Whisky Regions: A Comparative Case Study of Place Branding 

      Martin, Andrew; Pryor, Susie (Washburn University. School of Business, 2008-10-1)
      Over the past two decades, tourism has emerged as among the most important economic sectors in the global marketplace and a key means by which social and cultural phenomena are diffused. Moreover, it is a sector that is ...
    • Scottish Property Valuation: Some Important Factors Since the Land Reform Act of 2003 

      Hines, Mary Alice (Washburn University. School of Business, 2004-03-1)
      The Scottish and U.S.-owned real property valuation companies in Scotland need real estate appraisers that are capable of valuation work in both the R.I.C.S.- and the U.S.-related valuation systems for U.S. and other ...