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    • Assessment Rubrics and Sharing with Stakeholds 

      Hunt, Cathy; Snook, Ann Marie
      The Department of Music at Washburn University has developed a comprehensive and efficient assessment program that allows it to collect, analyze, and share data and information. The various assessments are directly related ...
    • Assessment Grants 

      Weber, Kelley
      Did you know Assessment grants are available? Here's what has been done with past grants. What could you do?
    • Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership 

      Gleason, Michael ; Carter, David
      The MSL is comprised of over 400 variables, scales, and composite measures representing students’ demographics and pre-college experiences, experiences during college, and key outcome measures. It is adapted from the ...
    • The Summative Porfolio 

      Modern Languages
      In order to assess the achievements of students in our department, Modern Languages requires our French, German, or Spanish majors to maintain and submit at regular intervals a portfolio which addresses the course work the ...
    • USLO Assessment -- Instrument Determination / Timeline 

      Tate, Nancy ; Russell, Mike
      The Assessment Insturment Committee has been working since 2012 to determine which assessment tools / instruments should be used to assess Washburn's University Student Learning Outcomes. This poster esttablishes a timeline ...
    • Overview Critical Thinking - Multiple Sources of Evidence 

      Carter, Kayla
      What the assessment results say . . . What the students say
    • Torrence Test of Creative Thinking -- Pilot Assessment of USLO 2014-2015 

      Carpenter, Jane
      Used the Torrence Test of Creative Thinking (TCTT) to assess Washburn students -- developed by Ellis Torrance in 1974 and updated by in 2008 by the Scholastic Testing Service. Given in 2 parts, takes 75 minutes. The test ...
    • Written and Oral Communication USLO Asessment Pilots 

      Pilgrim, Mary ; Burdick, Melanie
      Goals : Decide how the AACU rubric (measurement tool) should be adapted for Washburn University USLO Assessment; decide how the student assignments (the learning artifacts) should be adapted; and, decide how the assessment ...
    • General Education Course-Embedded University Student Learning Outcomes 

      Carter, Kayla
      Results of the assessment of all five University Student Learning Outcomes in General Education courses (Critical & creative thinking, Communication, Global Citizenship, Ethics & Diversity, Information Literacy and Technology, ...
    • Interdepartmental Collaboration 

      Intensive English
      Intensive English Program prepares students linguistically for success at Washburn. How do we assess the preparedness of students completing the final level of the program? We looked to other departments about measures ...
    • Revising the Assessment Plan: Less is More 

      Human Services
      In 2012 the Human Services Department restructured to include a Master of Arts and the role of Department Assessment Liaison was reassigned. We used this transition as an opportunity to evaluate our assessment plan.
    • Brochure - Assessment Extravaganza Brochure Feb 2016 

      Assessment Committee
      Brochure for the February 2016 Assessment Extravaganza
    • Course Embedded USLO Assessment - General Education Courses 

      Tate, Nancy ; Kelly, Vickie, Carter, Kyla
      Course-embedded assessment of the University Student Learning Outcomes in general education courses.
    • Course Data 

      Sociology ; Anthopology
      Collecting and organizing data to better assess University student Learning Outcomes in individual General Education courses.
    • ETS Proficiency Profile 

      Cook, Sarah ; Kelly, Vickie
      Compares assessment results of Washburn Freshmen and Seniors reading, writing, and mathematics ETS testing to the national levels
    • Engaging Students 

      Student Recreation and Wellness Center
      Learning what takes place outside the traditional classroom via co-curricular experiences is vital to the holistic Washburn University experience. There are numerous opportunities for students to complement their formal ...
    • Critical Thinking University Assessment 

      Burdick, Melanie ; Kapusta-Pofahl, Karen
      157 student writing samples from Advanced Composition classes (EN300) were scored Using the AAC&U Critical Thinking Rubric.
    • Engaging Faculty in Assessment 

      Mathematics & Statistics
      The Mathematics and Statistics Department revised their Program Student Learning Outcomes (PSLOs) through the collaborative effort of all tenured and tenure-track Departmental faculty. During the revision process, the ...
    • Critical Thinking USLOAssessment Pilot 

      Burdick, Melanie
      Pilot assessment using the AAC&U Critical Thinking Rubric in order to decide how to adapt the rubric, how to adapt the student assignments, and how to adapt the assessment procedure itself for Washburn's Critical thinking USLO.
    • An analysis of the physical therapist assistant education and the implications degree progression would have on existing programs in Kansas 

      Gower, Michelle Lynn
      The field of physical therapy has seen significant change over the years with the continuously evolving health care system. The increase in knowledge and responsibilities required by physical therapists has led to the ...