Documenting the Dominican Republic

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Stuever, Stefanie Lea
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Thanks to the extensive help and cooperation of the Washburn Art Department and International Programs, I traveled to Jarabacoa in the Dominican Republic for the 2011 Spring semester to complete an Art Internship at Doulos Discovery School. My extended time in the Dominican allowed me to not only observe and learn about the culture but to literally be absorbed into the community. While helping teach art to kindergarten through 12th grade students, I also sought to document the people and the culture with the help of my camera. The Dominican Republic is a giant mixture of colors and cultures: African, Spanish, American, French, Creole, Native American and more. Streets are lined with bright colored houses. Comodos serve as small corner stores and basic groceries. Dominos are played after dinners of sancocho. Through this independent study, I sought to capture the essence of the people and their island through documentary photography. I will be presenting the images made during my time abroad. My internship at Doulos and the experience of living abroad in the Dominican were life changing because I was immersed in Dominican culture and gained perspective and independence.