Health Information Technology: A Roadmap to Implementing HIM Reimagined

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Hawkins, Stacie
Washburn University
Department of Allied Health
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Concern is growing among the industry leaders at the American Health Information Management Association due to technological advancements within the rapidly changing healthcare industry. For this reason, the American Health Information Management Association created a white paper proposing educational standards and career advancements to meet the future demands of the ever-changing healthcare industry. Health Information Management programs throughout the country will face significant curriculum revisions. Associate degree programs will be expected to support specialization while the baccalaureate degree programs succumb to the generalist practice. To gain an understanding of the impact specialization has on the Health Information Management profession in Kansas, a market analysis survey was developed to examine the opinions of Health Information Management professionals and educators. Survey results showed a statistically significant difference among professionals who oppose the Registered Health Information Technician plus specialty credential over those in favor of the proposal. Furthermore, HIM industry respondents noted if specialization at the associate level is approved by the American Health Information Associations Council for Excellence in Education that both specialty tracks (revenue management and data management) would be integral to the future HIM workforce. The survey findings proved valuable to the Health Information Technology Program at Washburn University and prompted the implementation of the Health Information Management Re-Imagined curriculum and redesign recommendations.