Premature Ovarian Failure in Young Women: A Study of Factors and the Need for Support Groups

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Brill, Skylar
Washburn University
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Premature Ovarian Failure is diagnosed in 1 to 2% of women worldwide. This condition is associated with poor ovarian reserve, causing infertility among women who are under the age of 40. There are options for egg and/or embryo donation to achieve pregnancy through in-vitro fertilization with a reproductive endocrinologist. Barriers associated with this diagnosis are increased emotions, stress, poor health literacy, financial pressure, and psychological blocks when battling infertility. The importance of a well-rounded understanding of Premature Ovarian Failure is crucial to stay positive and focused during diagnosis and treatment. Emphasis should be laced within medical practices on providing resources for psychological and peer support after diagnosis. Patients diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Failure typically do not have enough information given to them on their initial consultations and this seeks to develop a well-rounded grasp of knowledge.