Cloud Computing: Governance and Audit Research Questions

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Grabski, Severin V.
Steele, Anthony J.
Schmidt, Pam J.
Washburn University. School of Business
Kaw Valley Bank
Issue Date
June 2015
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Cloud computing services are finding rapid adoption as firms seek cost reduction, technical expertise, flexibility, and adaptable mechanisms to attain sustained advantages in the fast-moving business environments. The related considerations of governance, audit and assurance of cloud computing services might be inadvertently left as after-thoughts in the rush to adoption. This paper spotlights the need to investigate cloud computing governance and audit by presenting research questions informed by both practice and research. The perspective of a cloud computing eco-system is presented to structure the research questions posed. Key issues of risk, security, monitoring, control and compliance need to be considered early in the cloud services decision process. The tight coupling of operations and interdependent relationship between the cloud client and cloud provider(s) forms an inter-dependent, operationally-coupled eco-system. Well-informed governance is necessary to achieve a functional, secure and well-governed cloud-based computing environment.