Lawrence Memorial Hospital and Business Health: A Multi-Tiered Elective Employee Health Opportunity for Lifestyle Intervention

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Trummel, Nina
Washburn University
Department of Allied Health
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Employer healthcare expenditures are at an all-time high. With these costs greatly impacting the success and growth of small and large businesses, many employers have recognized the potential and positive impact that worksite wellness programs can have on reducing healthcare related costs for their employees. The theory stands that if employees are given the platform, resources, and support from their employer to improve their personal health, it will in turn reduce their risk for developing and maintaining expensive chronic diseases. This project will assess Lawrence Memorial Hospital’s Wellness Program (LMH’s LifeStyle Management Program), propose digital tools that will coincide with their mission, improve doctor-patient communication barriers, and promote positive health changes for all participants. With the thorough research and analysis conducted throughout this project, the objective is to provide LMH with LifeStyle Management Program recommendations and an information technology blueprint that can positively impact the future growth and success of their health initiative.