Reaching Faculty, Teaching Students

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Blas, Elise
Weber, Kelley
Wilson, Gwen
Washburn University, Mabee Library
Issue Date
Nov 6, 2015
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A major challenge for academic librarians is reaching all students at the university (undergraduate and graduate, face-to-face and online). We will show that by collaborating with faculty we have started to meet this challenge. In this paper, we describe our experiences in establishing relationships with faculty, the value of collaborating with faculty to customize one-shot library instruction sessions to a variety of topics and needs, how we've become an integral part of some classes, and how, by working with faculty, we have been able to reach more face-to-face and online students. Session attendees will leave with multiple strategies on how to establish and build relationships with faculty that can lead to collaboration on one-shot instruction sessions and longer partnerships. The paper will also include specific ways to customize face-to-face instruction sessions and resources for online courses. This will include tools on developing learning outcomes for the class, tailoring handouts to the topic at hand, sharing resources, and evaluating the student work.