Washburn Mammography Seminar: An Anaylsis

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Goetz, Emily C.
Washburn University
Department of Allied Health
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Throughout this paper, the Washburn University Mammography seminar course will be discussed. The purpose of the paper is to discuss the seminar, and prove, by research and thorough analysis, that this course is quite adequate in providing a specific group of students, namely Radiologic Technologists, the appropriate educatin critera and hands-on training for those pursuing a career in Mammography. The main questions that any higher education course generally asks, are "does this course meet the required education content", and "will the students be better prepared for their future careers if they take and pass this course," and the following research and observations will prove that this seminar will in fact, help students with both. Because the following research is based on an established University course, the instructor, Jera Roberts, was the main contact person, providing all the necesssary educational content, and other associated course materials tothe author. The results are as follows:The Washburn University Mammography Seminar is a well-thought out and established program, preparing students to take and pass their mammography board registry. Since no program in and of itself is perfect, there will be a couple of specific suggestions for possible enhancement of the seminar at the conclusion of the paper.