CBT for the Treatment of Anxiety of a Non-Traditional Male College Student

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Alshurafa, Lugeine
Washburn University
Department of Psychology
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The following case study discusses the treatment process and outcome for David, a Caucasian 37-year-old non-traditional humanities college student residing in a midsize city in Midwest America. David was seen at a university counseling center one year before graduating. David presented with severe anxiety symptoms that affected his cognitions, emotions, physiological symptoms, behaviors, and his overall functioning. David reported these symptoms led to impairment in his social and leisure life. This clinician employed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to assist David in learning skills to effectively manage and reduce his anxiety symptoms. The interventions utilized include psychoeducation, relaxation training, and cognitive restructuring. This case study reviews the initial interview, process of diagnosis, utilization of assessments, the treatment plan, the implementation of the treatment interventions, and the barriers to treatment. A transcription of one session is provided in order to provide a glimpse of David’s presentation in session and the clinician’s approach to treatment.
An Empirically Supported Treatment Case Study