Explorations in clay

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Heimbaugh, Eleanor
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Focus A series of tea sets ranging in utilitarian sizes will be constructed from hand built and thrown clay parts. At least three different clay bodies and various glazing and firing processes will be explored. Decals and the use of imagery on these forms will also be experimented with. Additional goals include: a conceptual visual experience for the viewer and merging the line between sculptural and utilitarian. The purpose of my work focuses on textures and imagery that we are surrounded by every day. From the most secluded inhabitants to the largest city in the world, power lines and industrial linear patterns are everywhere. They are a reflection of the people and the place, the population and the time. We often pay little if any attention to these individual and unique landmarks in passing. The circular capped cylinder form is chosen because of its universality in function. A completed form is reminiscent of a storage silo, tank, or a house.