Explanation for Market Response to Seasoned Equity Offerings

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Walker, Rosemary L.
Kwak, Sungkyu
Hull, Robert M.
Washburn University. School of Business
Kaw Valley Bank
Issue Date
January 2010
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This paper uses a multivariate framework to extend the recent univariate seasoned equity offering (SEO) research by Hull, Kwak and Walker (2010) that investigates the valuation impact of inside ownership. Our multivariate findings add to the univariate findings as we show that the inside ownership level is a consistent factor in accounting for short-run and long-run returns around SEOs, while the decrease in inside ownership has no impact on short-run returns but influences long-run returns in a manner inconsistent with signaling theory. Compared to prior research, our regression tests do a much better job of accounting for returns associated with SEO announcements. For short-run regression tests, the four major factors associated with superior stock returns are: lower underpricing; greater profitability prior to SEO; lower inside ownership level; and, less stock price variability prior to SEO. For long-run regression tests, the four major conditions linked to superior returns are: greater profitability prior to SEO; smaller inside ownership level; relative size of the offering; and, greater decrease in inside ownership level.