A Model for Review of Ethics Instruction

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Sollars, David
Ockree, Kanalis
Haines, James
Washburn University. School of Business
Kaw Valley Bank
Issue Date
December 2008
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"Assessment of Learning" is a key phrase well known to all quality business schools. This paper presents a detailed description of the processes undertaken by one university's school of business to assess its ethics education learning environment with respect to internal values and goals, AACSB standards and expectations, and best practices established by external entities. This paper shows that generous resources are not the sine qua non of quality ethics instruction. There are many steps that cost virtually nothing beyond focused effort that a school can take to improve the quality of ethics instruction. This paper provides guidance and lessons learned for others who may be undertaking an extended review of ethics instruction. Many elements of this model also may be adapted to similar analysis in other competency areas.