Memo to Mrs. Fletcher

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AF is unhappy that Bernyce is taking a selfish attitude about her earnings. He notes that his pay has always been communal and has been used to help relatives on her side of the family far more than his. Contains some interesting stats on where his pay was coming from when, and how much. AF&A had an office from 1974 to March 1977. AF&A ultimately lost both the Belvoir and Carlysle contracts, and it happened when Rick Harrison, Onna's son, needed a hip operation. He refers to Rick as "your grandson," perhaps indicating that he never adopted Joan. AF feels that Bernyce berayed him by not being caring enough during his health problems. AF "gave Paul a hand when he needed it," which made Bernyce upset. AF claims to not care about money. He feels that Bernyce is using money to mask an underlying problem in the marriage.