Agenda and Supporting Documentation - 11-29-2012

Alternative Title
Agenda and supporting documentation for 29 November 2012 General Faculty meeting.
Background info - A1 - 11-29-2012 Proposal for curriculum change for the approval of a Post-Master’s Family Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Certificate Program.
Background info - A2 - 11-29-2012 Proposal for Master of Accountancy Degree program.
Background info - A3 - 11-29-2012 Proposal for Requiring WU101, IS100 or HN101 as a Graduation Requirement.
Background info - A4 - 11-29-2012 Removal of KN198 Lifetime Wellness as a University graduation requirement.
Background info - A5 - 11-29-2012 Change from Associate of Applied Science in Human Services to Associate of Arts in Human Services .
Background info - A6 - 11-29-2012 Proposal to Change all current associate of applied science majors in Applied Studies offered in conjunction with Washburn Tech to associate of arts or associate of science degrees.
Background info - B1 - 11-29-2012 Addition of MA112 to the list of course satisfying the university math requirement.
Background info - B2 - 11-29-2012 Change in the Faculty Handbook—General Education Committee.
Background info - B3 - 11-29-2012 Minor Change to Faculty Senate Constitution – Number of At-Large Faculty Members from any academic unit.