Irish Property Valuation, Investment, and Land Development

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Hines, Mary Alice
Washburn University. School of Business
Kaw Valley Bank
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January 2004
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Valuations in the U.S.-style and -format are needed by companies operating in the Republic of Ireland and in the Northern Ireland province of the United Kingdom. The indigenous Irish and the U.S.-owned Irish-located valuation firms may have valuers that are capable of valuation work in both the R.I.C.S.-and the U.S.-related valuation systems. All valuers working on the Irish isle are influenced in their work by the climatic, transportation, security, socioeconomic and financial conditions and the government policies of the two areas. The Irish leasing and financing terms as well as the investment yield trends influence the use of income approaches to property valuation. The market comparison, cost, and income approaches may be applied to the various Irish properties.