Depression and Anxiety in Health Professions Students: Early Detection and Response Strategies

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Lipovsky, Brandi
Washburn University
Department of Allied Health
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This literature review demonstrates the prevalence of mental health disorders, such as anxiety and depression, among college students, including health professions students. Because of the rigor and clinical education elements associated with health professions programs, students in these programs may experience novel stressors. It has been established that colleges and educators must improve awareness about mental health, reduce barriers to help-seeking, and clarify available mental health resources. The literature also offers ideas that allied health programs may adopt to integrate preventative instructional interventions to prepare students to manage challenges to their mental health. Systematic instructional design is needed to embed preventative interventions within already packed health professions curricula effectively. By addressing the mental health needs of students while in college, these individuals may be more prepared to manage their mental health after graduation.