SEO Valuation and Insider Manipulation of R&D

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Walker, Rosemary
Kwak, Sungkyu
Hull, Robert M.
Washburn University. School of Business
Kaw Valley Bank
Issue Date
September 2015
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We examine a sample of 674 SEOs from 1999-2010 where reduced R&D spending is significantly associated with the lowering of insider ownership proportions. With this association established, we derive an R&D manipulation variable measuring underinvestment in R&D. We add to the SEO - R&D literature by examining the relation between R&D underinvestment and common stock valuation around SEOs. In contrast to the IPO research, we do not find that underinvestment in R&D leads to greater SEO stock valuations during the offer price setting process. Like the IPO research, we find that underinvestment in R&D leads to lower stock valuations for short-run post-offering tests. In contrast to the long-run IPO results, we find a significant association between R&D manipulation and stock valuation for long-run post-offering tests where underinvestment in R&D is associated with lower stock valuations. We also find the five percent owner group for SEOs is important in explaining R&D manipulation and discover that underpricing for SEOs is not related to R&D manipulation. These latter two findings are different from IPOs. In conclusion, SEOs can be quite different from IPOs when examining the association between the insider manipulation of R&D and stock valuation.