Evaluation for a Possible Polysomnography Program within the Wallace Community College Respiratory Therapy Program

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Harrell, Judith
Washburn University
Department of Allied Health
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A sleep disorder is a medical disorder of the sleep patterns of a person. This can lead to numerous physical, mental and emotional effects. Sleep disorders are increasing at a rapid pace and affects about a third of adult people in the United States. This pattern of sleep has been linked to several chronic diseases and conditions (Phillips & Gozal, 2015). These sleep disorders can be diagnosed in a sleep center through the use of a test known as polysomnogram. This immediate need of sleep medicine and the severe shortage of qualified technologists has led to the idea of evaluating the need for a polysomnography program at Wallace Community College (WCC) in Dothan, Alabama. The focus will be on a short certificate program, which is two semesters and will lead graduates to gainful employment in this field.