Adding Value to the Business Community: Lessons Learned from Employers’ Perception of New Hires

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Hickman, Thomas M.
Stoica, Michael
Washburn University. School of Business
Kaw Valley Bank
Issue Date
December 2021
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Previous studies investigated employer's satisfaction with new hires using a formative approach for measuring the construct. In other words, they looked at satisfaction as a sum of measured indicators such as oral communication or technology skills. This study investigates how new hires are perceived by their employers in a structurally different way. The model embodies a reflective-formative measurement representation. We are interested in the overall satisfaction that employers express when asked about new hires, positioning the employer as the customer in the evaluation process of new hires. Satisfaction is built as a reflective construct and operationalized accordingly. A hierarchical regression method is used to understand the impact of the independent formative variables, represented by student learning outcomes, on satisfaction. The findings provide a guidepost for schools of business to follow as they consider ways to make their curriculum more meaningful to the external stakeholders they serve.