School Bullying and the Policies

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Dooley, Ashleigh; (Ashleigh Downes)
Washburn University
Issue Date
April 1, 2017
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Bullying is often discussed on TV shows, movies, social media, and the news. It is also something that has become an overwhelming issue in the school systems. It is enough of an issue that school systems have implemented prevention techniques to help curb bullying problems. The purpose of this project was to better be able to gain information about elementary and middle school bullying at unified school districts in a midwestern State. The project involved two parts. The first part was completed by emailing 352 anonymous surveys to all the superintendents in the Midwestern State. A total of 68 surveys were returned, filled out by either the school superintendent or the principal whom the superintendent delegated to complete the survey. The second part was completed by conducting interviews and doing tours of the elementary and middle schools. This was done by randomly selecting schools from each school classification, which resulted in visiting a total of four schools. The information gathered from this research allowed for more knowledge to be gained about bullying that happens in the schools, the programs currently being used against it, and the policies schools use to help prevent it.