Costs as a Barrier to Higher Education

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Korte, Stacey
Washburn University
Issue Date
December 2017
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The ever-rising costs of higher education have a silent, but profound impact on society, particularly on those from low-income backgrounds in which costs are a barrier to higher education. In fact, the lack of access to higher education amongst low-income populations can even be described as a main contributing factor to the cycle of the poor staying poor. This paper explores this cycle as the various impacts that are a result of poor access to higher education for low-income populations. This paper was accomplished by reviewing the literature of more than 20 authors that detailed socioeconomics of low-income populations, repercussions of a society that lacks education, and changes that may solve this problem. The literature review revealed a cycle of poverty on a grander scale among low income populations with the lack of access to higher education as a contributing factor. The larger implications of this lack of access to higher education is discussed at length; including the detrimental and corrosive effects a lack of education can have on society.