Family-Based Treatment for Young Children with OCD: A Case Study of a 5-Year-Old Child and His Mother

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McHenry, Mikayla M.
Washburn University
Department of Psychology
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The following is a de-identified case study that presents the treatment process and outcome for a young child and his mother, with fictional names of Ian and Tiana Good. Ian is a 5-year-old Caucasian Hispanic male, and Tiana is a 37 Caucasian Hispanic female. Ian is an elementary school student who resides in a midsize city in the Midwestern United States. Ian was seen at a not-for-profit agency. Ian presented with severe obsessive-compulsive symptoms that affected his cognitions, emotions, behaviors, and overall functioning. Family-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (FB-CBT), written by Freeman and Garcia (2009), was the therapy utilized to assist Ian and his mother in learning skills to effectively manage and reduce obsessive-compulsive symptoms. Psychoeducation, differential reinforcement strategies, cognitive strategies, and exposure and response prevention were all used to treat Ian. This case study reviews the relevant scientific literature and then presents the initial interview, assessments, diagnosis, treatment plan, implementation of interventions, and barriers to treatment. A transcription of one session is provided as a demonstration of Ian and Mrs. Good’s work in session using the family-based approach to treatment.
An Empirically Supported Treatment Case Study