An Online Educational Platform for Kansas Medicaid Programs

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Foltz-McFall, Jolynn
Washburn University
Issue Date
May 2016
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In the state of Kansas, Medicaid policies are dispersed between three different manuals because the responsibility to implement Medicaid programs is divided between three state agencies. As a result of this Medicaid fragmentation, there is a deficiency in comprehensive Medicaid training. Federal and state history reflect that Medicaid agencies are frequently reorganized and Medicaid policy is constantly evolving in order to adhere to the passage of legislation and court rulings. To fulfill this need, a course about the different Kansas Medicaid programs was developed for allied health professionals. The online course, titled Introduction to Kansas Medicaid, consists of six modules; the first five modules provide information on the largest Medicaid programs in Kansas including their eligibility criteria. The final module is dedicated to post-Medicaid approval and how to navigate the multiple Medicaid state agencies and Medicaid managed care organizations. With an online learning platform instead of a face-to-face classroom, the course can be offered as effectively, but in an asynchronous format, so a broader audience can participate regardless of location. The intent of the course is to educate allied health professionals on the Kansas Medicaid programs so they can disseminate the knowledge to their patients and thereby improve Medicaid participation rates. The Introduction to Kansans Medicaid course has the potential to reduce barriers in accessing Medicaid, increase access to preventative care, minimize avoidable emergency room and hospital visits, and improve the overall health for low income Kansans.